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Big Tuscan Villa House (With a Randy Past?) Still Waiting for You

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A neighbor has some issues with this five-bedroom home on Durand Drive, writing in that this "'Tuscan villa' has been the subject of controversy in Hollywoodland for several years. In the beginning, its size was contested by neighbors seeing this project as the beginning of Mansionization in Hollywoodland." More recently, believes our tipster, is that porn shoots have been taking place in the home, pointing to Dean Coxx's web site (NSFW!) and this video of Dean and friends hanging out on what he believes is the deck of the home (SFW and deadly boring). Getting shagged in that house looks like it would be sorta fun, so we can't knock that part, but horror of horrors, our friend believes the house isn't even finished. Not so, says the listing agent for the home, Jeffrey Hobgood at Sotheby's, who says that in fact it's just the garage and carport that are still unfinished. (And he knows nothing of the porn shoot claims). You know what you're getting buyers: They're asking $4.885 million, down from the original asking price of $5.495 million.
· 3315 DURAND Dr [Redfin]