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Thai Town Loses Bit of Thai-ness, Trying to Get It Back

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Last week, Guest of a Guest noted that the east-facing Tourism Authority of Thailand billboard on Hollywood Blvd was replaced by an American Apparel ad. Blame the economy for the replacement of one of the boards, which served as ambassadors, welcoming visitors to Thailand. "We had a budget cut," Chester Jusakul, information officer for the LA office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, tells us. According to Jusakul, the billboard cost something in the neighborhood of $10,000 for six weeks. "I know people are complaining [about the board being taken down]," he said. "We are contacting our headquarters for more money so we can put the billboard back." The double-sided billboard has long held a Tourism Authority of Thailand sign on one side; the other side is an ad for Thai Airways (pictured). But this isn't first one of the signs has disappeared: Google Street View shows a 97.1 FM board on the east side.
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