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Grab a Vuvuzela, Mayor Latest to Make Plea for World Cup

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Via his twitter feed, Mayor Villaraigosa makes a plea for the next World Cup: "Let's bring WC 2018 to LA! We've showed we're a great international city that will embrace the games. It's our turn!" The FIFA World Cup association actually awards hosting duties to nations, not cities, but games are shared at different nationwide venues that can accommodate tens of thousands of people; cities as different as Nashville and New York are making their hosting intentions clear. As reported, an American group traveled in May to Switzerland to plead the case for a U.S. World Cup in 2018 or 2022 (Brazil has the games in 2014), and officials of the Rose Bowl--which hosted a game during the financially successful U.S. World Cup in 1994--are going in September to talk up the Pasadena venue's assets (including a $170 million renovation). A decision regarding 2018 is expected in December.
· Antonio Villaraigosa [Twitter]
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Rose Bowl

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