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Eastern Columbia Sublet (Maid Service Included)

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Here's a fun fact about the Eastern Columbia building: According to the Examiner, Claud Beelman's 1930 terra cotta masterpiece only took nine months to complete. The site also describes it as a thirteen-story building, so when we saw this MLS listing for a 1,200 square foot one-bedroom loft available "on the top floor," it brought to mind a question regarding the triskadekaphobic floor-numbering tradition that's long prevailed, to wit: is this system still the norm? Regarding the aforementioned unit—#1207, for those who are counting—the listing says it's available "on a monthly basis beginning July 15th through January (possibly longer)," has a washer/dryer within the unit, two parking spaces in the secured parking garage, and maid service, for a monthly rent of $3,000. If that's too steep, there's also this 1,130-square-foot unit on the 6th floor up for grabs at $2,100 per month.--Pauline O'Connor
· 849 S. Broadway, #1207, Los Angeles, CA 90014 [MLS]
· 849 S. Broadway, #607, Los Angeles, CA 90014 [MLS]

Eastern Columbia Lofts

849 South Broadway, , CA 90014 Visit Website

Eastern Columbia

849 S. Broadway, los angeles