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What Does the McCourts' Body Language Mean For You, Dodgers Fan?

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Image Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times via the NYT Has anyone noticed the McCourts' split is providing some entertaining photography? Soon after the news leaked of their separation, there was that photo of a startled-looking Frank looking up at Jamie as she walked to her seat at Dodger Stadium. And last week, in a New York Times story called Dodgers’ Fate Hinges on Owners’ Divorce, there was this wacky looking photo, seen right. Click for bigger. The McCourts were still married when this photo was taken. What is going with them, body-language wise? And what does their body language mean for the future of those Johnson Fain-planned Dodger Stadium renovations? We can't tell you the answer to the second question, but for the first question, we turn to well-known body language expert Patti Wood, called the "Babe Ruth of body language," by the Washington Post. Wood, who runs a consulting company in Atlanta, spoke to us via phone this morning and gave us her critique. And Wood, whose clients include law enforcement agencies, said she's never heard of the McCourts before.

What sticks out? One of the things that’s interesting is how she’s sitting on top of him, rather than cradled in his lap. She is both on top and in front of him. She is also elbowing him in the side. It’s very powerful. The language, the on top, the in front and the elbow are all saying: “I am in charge.”
What else do you notice? She does something interesting. Her legs are crossed, but there is a lot of tension in the muscles in the leg. She’s making a strong point to take her pelvis away from him. It's a shutting down of sexual energy, it means 'no sex for you, baby.' The pelvis is away and the leg is crossed, and there’s so much tension in that leg.

What about her hand on her leg? It's so weird. Her hand, it's a stiff, posturing motion and it’s right on her knee. It’s a weird twisting motion, I have never seen it before, and I have seen hundreds of couples. The hands, it’s like she’s consciously saying, I want you to notice what I am doing, she’s emphasizing the tension in her leg.

What about him? You look at the mouth, and see the tension and tightness around her mouth. But look at his face: his head is back. When your head is back, you are happy, relaxed. His mouth is stretched out and he is smiling, he is laughing and smiling.

What’s interesting is that he seems to be fine with how she is...her posture has so much bizarre power and forcefulness and holding back, but he seems to be fine with her.

Not so sure he's fine with her anymore, they are getting divorced! It's almost like they’ve been Photoshopped, his facial expression is so incongruent with how she is. I wish I could see his feet and his hands.

Can you really tell a lot about a relationship based on one photo? People will tell me, it's just a moment in time. But it’s eerie how much shows up.
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