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Secret Makeout Spot at Beverly Hills Hotel Endangered

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Via Daily Truffle
The Daily Truffle blog laments the loss of two tennis courts at the Beverly Hills Hotel, a site which is being turned into two new “Ultra Bungalows," according to the web site for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Architecture and design firm Rottet Studio is behind the bungalows. Writes Daily Truffle: "Is there anyone reading this with a 90210 zip code who hasn’t taken a lesson or made out on one of these two courts at some point in their lives? After a few too many in the Polo Lounge, who hasn't tried to find a dark spot on Bungalow trails to make out – only to wind up lost on the pink and green tennis courts of the Beverly Hills Hotel??"
· RIP Beverly Hills Tennis Courts [Daily Truffle]

Beverly Hills Hotel

9641 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210