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City West Brightens Up, How Early is Too Early to Start Weeding?

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DOWNTOWN: City West may have an inferiority complex that it's not really a downtown neighborhood, but rental building 1010 Wilshire has thrown up some Vegas-y lights on the top of its building, about 1/1000th of the wattage emitting from big brother LA Live across the freeway. A leasing agent says the lights went up about six weeks ago. [Curbed Staff]

LOS ANGELES: All together, now. 7am? A worried reader writes: "Is there any guidelines from LA City on what time gardeners can start working? We have a neighbor who is complaining that our gardener starts too early and he comes at 9am! I see only construction guidelines listed and that states they can begin at 7am...does the same timing apply to gardeners?" [Curbed InBox]