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Free Jetpacks With Hummus? Worries Over Silver Lake's Super TJs

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Everyone loves cheap wine and Manchego cheese, especially in Silver Lake: the frenetic store on Hyperion is absorbing a next-door retail space and the already-precarious parking situation will likely grow worse. The Los Feliz Ledger reports that neighborhood worries are intensifying and Councilman Tom LaBonge has a suggestion: “I hope customers, including myself, can find a way to walk or bike to the Hyperion Valley stores"; The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Urban Design & Preservation Advisory Committee takes it a bit further and are pushing the store to install additional bike racks, offer free delivery, rides home, taxi discounts, and specials for walking, busing, and biking patrons. Also floated: a Silver Lake DASH line. City code does not require TJ's to add more parking than they already do; the neighborhood council's Elizabeth Sharkov-Bougart indicates increased biking may be the most realistic proposal. “We asked if they can install bicycle racks," Sharkov-Bougart said. "Many of the neighbors indicated that they will go shopping with their bicycles. That may help a bit.” Image from robjtak via Flickr
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