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Home Alone: Downtown's 655 Hope Still Sitting Empty

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655 Hope via Angelenic

Checking in with the saga of Downtown's 655 Hope, a total of 10 units are in contract, a figure that includes however many units ended up selling at that April auctionpolooza. No contracts in the 80-unit building have closed yet, but per the financing arrangement, as soon as five more units are in contract, buyers can start closing and moving in, according to Sherry Romzek, sales agent at the building. The information about the building's sales comes from the June LA condominium report put out by San Francisco-based sales marketing and research company Polaris Group. Meanwhile, the El Dorado famously canceled its auction because of water line issues--and seems to be doing better for it. All told, 26 units are in contract in the 65-unit building, according to the report.
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