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Lakers Seating Chart: All About Being on the Wood

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As we brace for another round of post-Lakers victory sneaker shopping, the Daily Truffle has republished an older post that maps out where everyone--Ari Emanuel, Jack Nicholson, and Jami Gertz, etc--sits at Staples Center during Lakers games. It's not clear how up to date the map is, but it's a pretty thorough dissection of the seating assignments. And for the uninitiated: "First let’s start calling courtside seats by their proper name: you can either say your seats are “on the wood” or you can say you sat “on the wood”. Either way, you’re “on the wood.”"

And more: "There is only one row of seats on the wood that has padded black comfy chairs. The next two are called Row A and Row B are have good chairs too. These chairs are all padded and black and comfy. Then the regular rows start with “Row 1?, “Row 2?, “Row 3?, etc. The only way to get season tickets is by an upgrade. Ticket holders have to renew their seats every year or they give them up and the seat behind them gets offered the position. This process was made famous by people like Jack Nicholson who renews his court side seat every year and Dyan Cannon who famously won Cary Grant’s seat in their divorce. For someone to start raw they would probably get stuck with nosebleeds for a couple years, less if we were in a recession, before moving down. Keep this in mind when you look at this list of seat holders on the floor. Some do get leapfrogged because of politics but some are just that dedicated." Pic via the Daily Truffle
· BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND – Laker’s Seating Chart (not just Jack, either)! GO LAKER’S! [Daily Truffle]