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Lautner's Balboa Island Rawlins House Hits Market

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Late philanthropists Robert and Marjorie Rawlins commissioned architect John Lautner to design this 2,100 square foot home for them on Newport Beach's Balboa Island in the late 1970s. The Los Angeles Times covered the home's construction in a 2003 story: "Lautner's approach to building the dome-shaped two-story was to walk around its 35-by-80-foot lot, which had nothing on it except a volleyball net. He sniffed the air, took in the views and the features of the landscape, then listened to his clients' wish list."

And more: "The owners had moved from their Joseph Eichler-developed house in Palo Alto, Calif., and wanted another modern home that they could manage without a lot of fuss. They also asked for a place where entertaining could extend outdoors and one that framed the bay view and drew in sunlight." Architectural writer Alan Hess call it "the most urban of Lautner's houses" in the Times story.

Robert passed away in 1993, and Marjorie passed away last fall.
A three-bedroom, two and half bath home, the residence is now listed at $5.495 million.
· 804 South Bayfront [Realtor]
· The Rebel of the Block [LA Times]

Rawlins House

804 S. Bayfront, Newport Beach, CA