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More Photographic Secrets of LA Unearthed

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First we discovered what people were photographing in LA, now we know where, and who's doing it. Now, via, Flickr fiend Eric Fischer has composed this set of big city maps that chronicle where people are taking pictures, and whether the snapshots are from tourists or locals, the latter defined as "people taking pictures of the same city over a period of greater than a month," according to The Map Room blog.

Popular with the fannypack set (their pictures are indicated by red dots) include the usual suspects like the Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios, and a bit more surprisingly, the South Park section of downtown (the rest of downtown is cut off). Locals are fond of the UCLA area, Koreatown, Culver City, and Silver Lake; yellow dots indicate inconclusive evidence as to whether tourists or locals were the shooters. Fischer previously tracked how fast people were traveling when they took their Flickr-shared pics.
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