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Did Controversial Los Feliz Buyer End Up Pissed at Local Dispensary?

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Remember 3853 Udell Court in Los Feliz? Its $745,000 sale price last summer set off a hot debate in the comments, and even someone saying he was the buyer showed up, writing, "We love the house, the neighbors are all really nice, we're not going to outgrow it and FINALLY we're not flushing money down the drain in rent. This is a long term investment so we'll ride the market out." According to PropertyShark, the buyer's name is Charles Poer. So how're things a year later? We can't be sure, but in today's LA Times, Sandy Banks writes about a Brent Poer, who bought a house on Udell Court a year ago. That Poer miscalculated what it would be like living down the street from marijuana dispensary Hyperion Healing, and says "he wound up confronting strangers who blocked his driveway, left trash on the street, parked outside his neighbors' homes blasting music and smoking weed. He ticks off a list of crimes —garages burglarized, car windows broken, thefts from homes — that neighbors blame on dispensary visitors." And Hyperion Healing isn't one of the dispensaries closing under the city's new ordinance either, so riding it out it is.
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