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Santa Monica Looking to Update Its Famous Big Wave

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The Santa Monica City Council is set to throw some money at making the city look a bit fresher, reports the Santa Monica Daily Press. To be discussed at tonight's meeting is a $75,000 upgrade to the Big Wave, that 42-foot rusted bar above Wilshire Blvd. and Franklin Street that is meant serve as a welcome to the beach city. The money will go to "clean and re-paint the sculpture, and replace its broken fiber optics system and its damaged Plexiglas cover." The Council is considering spending a total of $2.5 million on things like new street sweepers/scrubbers and extending their contract with the company that provides biodiesel for the big blue buses. Also included in that money would be a new $38,000 contract for a company that is analyzing historic and significant structures within Santa Monica (coincidentally, LA is also in the midst of determining their historic inventory). Santa Monica's spending recently extended to a downtown parcel that they hope to redevelop.
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