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Concerto Tower Marketing Itself, Big deLab Bash

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A new banner has gone up in front of Concerto

DOWNTOWN: What a big day for downtown development. Strange things are afoot in South Park, there's talk of development once again in City West and now a reader forwards a marketing blast from Concerto that states that the "Concerto Tower is Now Selling." Additionally, the above banner has gone up, indicating "Summer 2010 Move-Ins" for Concerto. Does this mean that Starwood stopped squeezing Sonny? [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: The design-orientated girls behind deLab are throwing a raucous fundraiser on Saturday, June 26, an event that will offer stories read by the city's favorite design, architecture and art writers. We're told the Chris Nichols segment will be the real show stopper. More info here. [Curbed InBox]