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Brentwood Town Green Still Hanging On After Three Rounds

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Controversial Barry Building replacement Brentwood Town Green has been courting concerned locals and refining plans for almost a year now, with three rounds of community meetings as plans for the retail center have changed. At this point, the next step will be the release of an environmental impact report this summer. In terms of design, architectural duties are being shared between LA-based Gruen Associates and Brentwood-based Raymond A. Keller Associates. Keller tells Curbed the proposed project will include a "low-scale, community-serving shopping plaza," and a single family residence that will replace two existing SFRs on the Saltair Avenue side of the project. The latter element was added in response to locals concerned about an earlier plan for parking on residential Saltair.

As the proposed project stands now, retail, restaurants, and offices will be housed in a two-story, 73,000 square foot building intersected by paseos and plazas. There'll be a level of subterranean parking and a parking lot between the SFR and the retail built at a lower grade than its surroundings with a landscape cover. The Barry Building, a city Historic-Cultural Monument, is still set to be demolished for these plans, which the LA Conservancy is not happy about. Their website says they've "submitted comments urging for the inclusion of alternatives in the EIR that adaptively reuse the Barry Building." Keller says Brentwood Town Green "will be designed in a clean, mid-century modern style," with details reflective of the period. A Brentwood Town Green website will go live soon.

And here's a video of Gruen Associates' Larry Schlossberg explaining the plans at a community meeting in May, courtesy Brentwood homeowner Jason Calacanis:

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