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Ticket Angels Will Save You From Parking Ticket Hell

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The Santa Monica Daily Press profiles the Ticket Angels, a local business run by Matthew Parker, 30, and Christopher Harati, 26. They roam the streets, making sure you don't forget to move your car on street-sweeping days, a mistake that costs car owners $61 in that city. Here's how it works: Pay them $60 a year and they'll call you on your cell phone or ring your door if you forget to move your car. "Since they began seeking subscribers two months ago the, Ticket Angels have signed up more than 60 clients, mainly in the North of Montana area. They hope to soon cover all of Santa Monica.

To make their ticket-preventing rounds, one business partner rides a Vespa to scout for cars on the verge of being ticketed while the other monitors the company's database of contact information. They stay in contact via walkie-talkies." According to the paper, they've signed up 60 customers and say they've stopped $12,000 in parking fines. Don Patterson, in Santa Monica's parking operations, says that "people continue to forget" to move their cars on street sweeping days. If these guys expand to Los Angeles--and bring us a cup of coffee on street sweeping days, and actually move our car--we'll be sold. Meanwhile, over at, they're suggesting a cheaper alternative than this Vespa team: Google alerts.
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