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Los Angeles Times Takes Another Stab at Naming Everything

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The Los Angeles Times has expanded and updated their Great Mapping Project of 2009, a project that tried to finalize the boundaries of Los Angeles neighborhoods using a combination of census block data and reader input. Really, this is stuff that can make people break out in bar fights, so we admire the paper's gumption. This time around, they've expanded to LA County, adding both non-cities (translation: "the venerable East L.A., the hip Topanga, Stevenson Ranch in the Santa Clarita Valley and the obscure Sun Village near Palmdale"), as well as little-known and unincorporated areas (meet Rosewood in Compton). But like all mapping projects, the Los Angeles Times was left with a number of questions ("Where does the Westside end?" is one query, while here's another nebulous question: "Are Glendale and Pasadena the bookends of the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, or cornerstones of an arch rising through the Verdugo Mountains with La Cañada Flintridge as its keystone?") Let the brawling begin!
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