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Palms' Kind for Cures Shuts Doors, But Vows to Return

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The City Attorney's office ordered hundreds of pot stores across the city to shut down today, and Kind for Cures in Palms--a famous makeover of a Kentucky Fried Chicken store--was one of those that had shut down by this afternoon. But the operators are insisting a mistake has been made by the city, and that their store is allowed to operate under a loophole that allows pre-2007 dispensaries to stay open. "We're going to close temporarily and then straighten it out," said Ivy Kush, who helps runs operations at the store. Frank Mateljan, spokesperson for the City Attorney's office, replied that there had been no mix-up. "This dispensary is not on our list of the 187 that registered with the City prior to the 2007 moratorium." Meanwhile, Kind for Cures signed a years-long lease at the site, so it's not clear what will happen to the place if they can't return. Clown lounge?
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