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Decades Long Restoration Nearly Done at Early Pasadena Greene & Greene

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In 1982, Bill and Rosemary Barbus bought Greene & Greene's 1895 Covell House for one dollar and spent the next few decades fixing it up. Bill, who worked on the house "almost on a daily basis," died in 2009, and his widow tells the Pasadena Star-News she wants to finish up the renovation and sell the house. It's been appraised at $1.2 million. When the Barbuses bought the Covell it was on the Fuller Seminary campus; they moved it in one piece to a lot they owned near the Rose Bowl and added a basement, but kept the original floors, fireplace, built-ins, and doorknobs. Just to add to the aw factor of the story, 82 year old Rosemary is "a long-time Gamble House docent."
· Long labor-of-love historic restoration in Pasadena comes to an end [PSN]