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Vaudevillian's Color Photos of Bunker Hill in the '50s and '60s Surface

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On Bunker Hill has a set of 21 newly-found and previously unpublished photographs of Bunker Hill taken in 1958 and 1962, as the neighborhood was in its last years. The photographer is George Mann, a former "vaudeville star as the hilariously taller half of the comedy dance team Barto & Mann," and these photos were dug up by Mann's daughter-in-law, who manages his archives. They're actually 3D photos, "originally displayed in 3-D viewers of Mann's own design, which were leased to various Los Angeles businesses, including Hody's Drive-Ins, and other restaurants, bars and doctor's offices." On Bunker Hill has more photos, lots of information on locations, and a link to a video of Barto & Mann in hilariously mismatched action.
· Meet George Mann [On Bunker Hill]