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Pass the Tecate--LA Most Bohemian City in North America

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Writing on the website of The Atlantic, urban theorist Richard Florida takes the following question from a blog called Marginal Revolution: "Which are the least bohemian cities?" Florida references a "Bohemian Index" from his own think-tank where the concentration of working artists, musicians, writers, designers, and entertainers is weighed against a "location quotient, which basically compares regional employment to the national norm." Whatever, we're the most artsy city, with New York nipping at our heels. The least bohemian is sad Riverside, Calif.--most of the other places making up the bottom ten are similarly warm cities, like Jacksonville, Fla. and San Antonio, Tex. In the comments on Marginal Revolution, a reader nominates Phoenix as least bohemian, adding "Florida might also deserve a few cities (Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando). I think it has something to do with the sun." Guess a lot of artists in LA pull the shades down.
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