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Hollywood Target Approved by City, Westwood Target Proposed

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As expected, the City Council approved that Hollywood Target today, a move that may or may not result in a lawsuit by locals who had fought against the project, stating the developer hadn't done enough, like adding underground parking, to appease the neighborhood. While the opposition decides whether or not to sue, "Target is looking forward to breaking ground before the end of the year," according to the rep for the Hollywood project. But wow, Target Corp is on a roll in this city, and is now seeking to build a Target at 10861 Weyburn in Westwood, in the now-empty space below the Best Buy. According to Doug Couper of nationally-based architecture and development firm Greenberg Farrow Architecture, a Design Review Board Meeting is scheduled for July 7th. And yet another Target has long been talked about for that proposed big Casden project at Pico and Sepulveda blvds, but that one is likely a ways off, while the rumors of a downtown Target continue to torture locals in that neighborhood.
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