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Breaking: Gail Goldberg to Retire From City Planning Department

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After four and half years, Gail Goldberg is resigning as Director of the City Planning Dept. News comes via an email sent out by Goldberg to staffers, while Susan Stiles, executive assistant in the Planning Dept, confirms Goldberg's resignation to Curbed. More to come on this story.

Excerpt from Goldberg's email: "Staff, Today, I advised the Mayor of my intention to retire from City service at the end of August. I have been thinking about retirement for some time and am ready to set out on new adventures. We have just completed a difficult budget process and established more financial stability than we have had in the past. While there is never an ideal time, the start of a new fiscal year may be the most appropriate time to turn over the reins." You can read Goldberg's letter of resignation to the Mayor via this PDF. Update: Mayor's statement on Goldberg's resignation is after the jump.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's statement:

“On behalf of the people of Los Angeles, I want to thank Gail
Goldberg for her dedicated service to our City, and wish her the best in
her retirement and future endeavors. Her tenure as head of our City’s
Planning Department was defined by the integrity that has become the
hallmark of her career in planning.

Gail’s strong leadership helped bring together distinct members of
the planning community and cultivated a department committed to
developing streamlined processes.

The forward-thinking imprint she leaves behind will ensure that we
continue to build strong and diverse communities that reflect the
interest every city resident.

Gail Goldberg’s resignation will be effective as of July 16, 2010."
· City Planning Dept [Official Site]