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Calculating Traffic Misery: LA Worse Than NY, Better Than London

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IBM recently released a "commuter pain study" that queried 8,192 global motorists. People are marinating in fury from Johannesburg to Buenos Aires, but LA has surprisingly ranked rather low, 13 out of 20, in the survey of traffic headaches (this pretty circle graph represents drivers who said they'd work more if it meant their commute would improve). Though LA is highest among the American cities that include New York and Houston (Houston?), London, Paris, and Milan are all more snarled, according to IBM. Regarding the traffic in developing cities like the most congested city, Beijing, "traffic in places like New York, Los Angeles or London developed gradually over many decades, giving officials more time and resources to address the problem." Kinda. The index was comprised of 10 issues that include commuting time, time stuck in traffic, stress, anger, traffic affecting work, traffic so bad driving stopped, and trips not taken because of traffic.
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