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Venice RV Fight: Back to Where It All Began

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The fight to stop those hulking RVs from parking overnight on local Venice streets has taken another turn--and the proposed resolution is basically where everyone started. As you'll recall, an initiative to curtail the RVs from parking overnight was approved by voters last year (updated for clarity)*.But then the anti-RV crew sued the Coastal Commission (the CC opted not to weigh in and establish the overnight parking zones, which prompted the suit). And the now the tentative settlement in that case basically allows locals the right to put up signs--for a six month period--forbidding the RVs from parking on their street, and if those "No Parking" signs fail to ward off the RVs, then then the homeowners, by a two-thirds majority vote, can seek to create overnight parking districts between the hours of 2 am and 5 am," according to the Argonaut. Got all that? So after initially losing, those who wanted to the overnight parking districts are close to winning.

More about the settlement via The Argonaut:

"The city will need to document its enforcement of the oversize vehicle law during the six-month period and submit a report to the Coastal Commission on the results.

In addition, the city must implement mitigation measures for beach parking, including allowing up to 20 people to pay for 12-hour parking in the Pacific Avenue and Venice Boulevard beach lot while the restrictions are in effect, the agreement states. The beach lot at Rose Avenue will remain open 24 hours a day and provide four-hour parking for 20 vehicles and 12-hour parking in the remaining spaces. If enacted the OPDs would be authorized by the Coastal Commission through a coastal development permit and would cover five areas — Oxford Triangle, Presidents Row, West Venice, East Venice and Villa Marina."
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