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Future Koreatown Hotel Really Marketing the Hell Out of Itself

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Last summer, shiny and exciting-looking plans emerged for Artcite, a 23-story condominium style hotel planned for New Hampshire and West 7th (current site of a parking lot). And today, ponder this weirdness. A reader forwards the above photos, taken recently at the corner of southwest corner of Olympic and Westmoreland. What you're looking at, believes our reader, is some sort of temporary marketing center for the hotel. "Someone spent a lot of money transforming the building into its current form," he writes. "Interested to hear if anyone has a line on what is really going on here...I can't image the building they are proposing would ever get entitled. Or that there is demand for that many condominium hotel units in Koreatown. A message left at Art Nouveau, the local developer doing the hotel wasn't returned. We're just impressed anyone has any money left to spend on marketing.
· Condo Style Hotel Proposed for Koreatown [Curbed LA]

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