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AECOM Winner of Great Long Beach Courthouse Development-Off

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After pitting a group of development teams against each other to fund, design, build, and operate a new courthouse that will replace a crumbling 50-year-old facility, Long Beach, the state has chosen a development consortium that includes ubiquitous architecture firm AECOM. The Long Beach Press-Telegram reports that the new court, replacing a courthouse that has been called one of the most dangerous in the state, is planned to open downtown in 2013: "The L-shape design would feature a four-story office and five-story court building and have a large, secured courtyard for a 'Southern California feel.' High-volume courtrooms (31 total) would be on the first two levels and all courtrooms would be traditionally arranged with access to natural light. The jury assembly room on the fourth floor would include an outdoor area." It's not clear if the new Long Beach courthouse is a direct result of SB 1407, which authorized renovations of numerous California courthouses deemed dangerous, not just structurally but because they allowed security breaches. The state tried to run-around the legislation and use the funding for court operations and to avoid layoffs. Image via Long Beach Press-Telegram
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