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Meet Alhambra Gateway, San Gabriel Valley's Arc de Triomphe

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As commenters helpfully pointed out yesterday, a new statue--modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris--is now up at Valley Boulevard and Fremont Avenue. “It’s a 26-foot arch,” explains Mary Swink, deputy city manager, director of utilities at Alhambra. “Obviously it’s smaller than the Arc de Triomphe.” Designed by architect Lawrence Moss, the arc cost just $300,006, and is made of stucco, drywall, and a lightweight foam concrete called Stonekote. Given Alhambra's motto--Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley--the statue was deemed appropriate, while Swink says the idea came about after a city official spotted an image of the Arc de Triomphe in a magazine. Meanwhile, this design really inspired us. After the jump, a look at some other ideas for this Alhambra Arc. Get trademarking, Alhambra!

Arc de Wedding Cake

Arc de Horsehoe

Arc de Neck Rest

Arc de Headband

Arc de Horse Jump

Arc de Water Wings