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Techentin Buckingham Architecture in Los Feliz

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All good things must come to an end, and this is the last stop on the Dwell on Design House Tour, our round up of homes featured at last weekend's big conference. The trip ends in Los Feliz at this home designed by LA-based Techentin Buckingham Architecture. From architect Warren Techentin's statement about the home: "The design includes and experiments with a variety of modern and traditional sustainable systems such as high-performance glass and traditional methods of natural cooling. The spatial relationships between the rooms helps induce and orchestrate air flows, while concurrently organizing the display and conservation of an art collection. The overlap between these strategies allowed for unique and fun design opportunities." And for those who want to continue the Dwell tour, check out their web site for even glorious, interesting, and questionable interiors. More Eastside homes and more Westside homes.
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