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Wilmington Getting Elevated Park, Just Like All the Cool Cities

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The Architect's Newspaper reports that an elevated park is under construction in Wilmington near the port. It follows Manhattan, but totally gets to the trend before Santa Monica, Hollywood, or Downtown (to be fair, those are all freeway cap projects--this one is elevated from scratch).

The project covers 30 acres between C Street and Harry Bridges Boulevard and Lagoon Avenue and Figueroa Street, a space that A/N points out is stuck between the Port of Wilmington and a residential neighborhood, which we imagine is why it's being called the Harry Bridges Boulevard Buffer. San Francisco/Boston firm Sasaki Associates has designed the park, which will have a flat great lawn that slopes "up to about 15 feet above grade, with a walkway along the top—labeled the Paseo—affording views of the Port’s massive shipping containers as well as the ocean in the distance." The park should be finished by next summer.
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