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Who Wants to Work for this High-Profile Architect in Santa Monica?

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Oh young whippernsnapper, fresh out of architecture school, here's a job for you. A "high profile, internationally known Architecture firm" is seeking an executive assistant. With an office based in Santa Monica, your duties will include serving the Design Director/President. From the Craiglist ad, here are just some of the tasks you will be asked to perform:
1. "Process and field incoming requests (mail, phone, fax, email). Particular discretion and attention is required in this area so as to ensure appropriate access to Design Director and use of his time as well as timely distribution of important information to appropriate individuals within the firm." Translation=Don't bother important people unnecessarily.
2. "Administer occasional personal errands for Design Director."Translation=Bring his/her car in for smog checks.
3. "Manage extremely dynamic daily schedule and calendar coordination of Design Director who travels internationally on a regular basis and who splits his time between Los Angeles and New York." Translation=Three hour time difference means you're up at 5:00 am, news confirmed by later requirement: "Must be able to accommodate “on call” nature of the position at all times." So who is this mystery firm? Gensler has offices in Santa Monica, as does Morphosis (although they are soon moving to Culver City). Moore Ruble Yudell does international work, as do other firms on this list of possible Santa Monica architects. Good luck, young fledgling architect!
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