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Pasinetti House in Beverly Hills Back on the Market

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Via Marc Angeles, Unlimited Style Photography
The InBox has been blowing up with the news that architect Haralamb Georgescu's 1958 Pasinetti residence in Beverly Hills is back on the market. The home hit the market last summer for $2.295 million. It's not clear how much the sellers are asking now, but here's the official web site: "Georgescu's Pasinetti house in Beverly Hills was originally featured in the influential Art's & Architecture magazine 50 years ago. As a famous Mid-Century architect from Romania, Georgescu is world renowned for his use of space, light and modern design. The Pasinetti house is governed by its geometry: a series of perfect cubes." The unconfirmed rumor is that the house was being leased by former MySpace co-president Jason Hirschhorn.
· 1421 Summitridge Drive [Official Site]
· New to Market: Pasinetti Residence [Official Site]

Pasinetti House

1421 Summitridge Dr., Beverly Hills, CA

1421 Summitridge Drive, los angeles