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duArchitects's Reilly Biddle Home in Venice

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Photos via Elizabeth Daniels
The great 2010 tour of Dwell on Design homes continues: This is duArchitects's Reilly Biddle Home. The architect's statement via Dwell: "We organized the public spaces (dining room, kitchen, and living room) of Our House in an open plan and on a 15'x 23' modular grid. The kitchen is located in the center of this room, where it is the symbolic heart of the house. The kitchen is flanked to the front by the dining room and to the rear by the living room. The living room opens to the pool and the garden via floor to ceiling glass. A display wall made of walnut cabinetry separates the bedrooms and baths from the public spaces.

The house steps up from the living spaces to 4 bedrooms, which we organized inline along a gallery hall. We raised the floor in this portion of the house to encourage a sense of intimacy and a feeling of separation from the more public parts of the home."
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