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Where to See Big Macs, Nosy Neighbors, and Counter-Terrorist Ops

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It's where you catch the tunnel to Toontown, so it's a no-brainer that the filming is good in Griffith Park. It's far and away the most popular spot to shoot in LA so far this year, reports the LA Times. A location manager for NCIS: Los Angeles tells the paper he's used Griffith to film a gun battle near Griffith Observatory and a car crash and explosion on Mt. Hollywood Drive (who knew NCIS was so awesome?), but says he's "lost track of how many times he's used the park." It's also useful for that coveted east coast look--the location manager for Gilmore Girls says he used it on that show (which took place in Connecticut), and turned it into snowy Vermont for Baby Boom. Downtown bridges and tunnels also got workouts (all those car commercials), as did Venice Beach and Point Dume (no doubt for the iconic SoCal weirdos and surfers shots).
· Griffith Park busiest film site in L.A. in the first quarter [LAT]