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New Carver Apartments, Annenberg Beach House Win Awards

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[Carver Apartments via You-Are-Here; Annenberg Beach House]

If you're a fan of planning and land use groups, awards, and free glasses of wine, well, this week was a social tornado of networking fun. Last night, the Urban Land Institute held its Supportive Housing Innovation Awards dinner at City Hall, an event which gave an award to architect Michael Maltzan's New Carver Apartments, among others. The building "broke the mold for supportive housing design," according to the ULI, which showed a short video on the project, explaining how the interior is basically a cocoon, shielding the noise of the nearby freeway. And earlier in the week, the American Planning Association of Los Angeles gathered at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood (Kogi truck in tow!) and doled out awards to the Annenberg Community Beach House and the City of Burbank Bicycle Master Plan, among others. Good times all around.
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