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Live Like Fritz: Glassell Park Geodesic Dome for Rent

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Fritz Haeg, architect and author of Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn, is looking to sublet his own edible, unconventional estate. Per Haeg's Wikidiary page: "For at least 15 months, beginning July 14th, I will be temporarily moving out of Los Angeles and renting out my furnished three floor 2000 square foot hillside Glassell Park home/studio on Sundown Drive with mountain views, geodesic dome top floor, underground ‘cave’, terraced gardens, plus a huge 750 square foot underground garage that could be used as a studio."

There's just one catch (or bonus, depending on how you look at it), prospective cave-dwellers: "Monthly rent will be discounted because my two dear old dogs – Ivy, retriever mix, 11 and Olive, lab mix, 10 – who I can’t bear to relocate, will be in residence.

This situation would be ideal for a person or couple (aside from a small skylit sleeping ‘hole’ in the cave, there are no separate bedrooms), non dog-owning dog-lovers (though if anyone happens to know of a good temporary home for them, the place could also be rented without them and full price), who enjoy gardens (mine is very low-maintenance though I am hoping for someone who likes to garden)." If that sounds like you, contact Haeg via his website.--Pauline O'Connor