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Xzibit's Blue Monster in Woodland Hills is a Short Sale

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If there were a few more photos of this house, we might have to designate it Hideous, but we're feeling generous. Maybe it's because owner/rapper/Pimp My Ride host/internet meme subject Xzibit seems so genial all the time. Anyway, this house is short on windows, but has four bedrooms and a loft, four bathrooms, and a bridge. From the listing: "Gorgeous landscaping in front, side, and back of house. Beautiful backyard with large patio. Lots of storage. Newer roof. Dishwasher and double oven. House has Lots of curb appeal!" Whatever you say, listing. Xzibit bought the house in 2003 for $670,000, according to Blockshopper, and it's been listed at least as high as $1.2 million (in September 2009). The house is now a short sale at $700,000.
· 5173 BAZA Ave [Redfin]

5173 Baza Ave., Los Angeles, CA