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Getting to Know You, Sprouts: Grocery Chain Opens First Store in Culver City

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Photos via Elizabeth Daniels
Yesterday, Sprouts opened its first LA-area store at 5660 Sepulveda Blvd in Culver City. What is this Sprouts business, you ask? What is this store all about? The Arizona-based chain, founded in 2002, has been referred to as "Whole Foods lite," offering fresh produce, but with a lower price point. Positioning themselves an an indoor farmers' market, stores stock many items in bins, while the interiors are fairly spartan in design. "We don't focus on spending money on design, so we can keep prices low," says Dana From, a spokesperson for Sprouts. She also notes: "We have low profile shelving so you can see the whole store from wherever you's much more casual. And finally: "Sprouts is for people are transitioning to a healthier diet but want a lower price point." Local firm Nadel Architects did the interior of this store, which is an adaptive re-use of an old Circuit City. Reading reviews on Yelp to understand the ways of Sprout, a Phoenix Yelper breaks it down: "Best advice I have is to buy fresh veggies and bulk items here, then go for the prepared foods and alcohol at Trader Joe's," while another Yelper moans: "Sprouts also has the most depressing interior atmosphere of any grocery store outside the deep south."

Another Yelper reports on a very good deal on a turkey sandwich ($2.99), while here's a final review: "I'm one of those crazy people that need to visit multiple stores to complete my grocery shopping. This Sprouts has the best selection of produce for the best price. The organic section isn't bad either. I also like the quality of meat/poultry, so fresh and reasonably priced."

This store has skylights and is LEED-certified, according to From. Store hours are 7 am-10 pm daily. A Pasadena Sprout will open later this year. Meanwhile, check out the before and after of the Circuit City: Image of store via the Times:

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