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MAK Center's Mackey Garages Get a Top and Art Installations

Architecture firm Space International has placed a new "Garage Top" on the MAK Center's Mackey Garages (at Rudolph Schindler's Mackey Apartments), and to celebrate MAK is holding an art exhibition by Los Angeles and Vienna artists. Five Los Angeles and Vienna artists have created work inside (and occasionally outside) five newly rebuilt ground-floor garage units for Fractional Systems. Garage Project II. A video program curated by Angeleno John Baldessari and Viennesians Heinrich Dunst and Peter Kogler will screen in the new space upstairs.

MAK wanted the new Garage Top to be "flexible and utilitarian," according to Space International senior project architect Kirby Smith, so there's plywood in the walls (for hammering into) and doors along one wall that slide all the way open to create a sort of stepped progression from the ground floor area to the second floor Garage Top to the roof terrace of the Mackey Apartments across the way. Smith says that "in the spirit of Schindler" Space used common, industrial materials in unusual ways--the Top is clad in a waterproofing material called Wetsuit and the doors are made of lightweight plastic often used in greenhouses.

Fractional Systems. Garage Project II opens tonight and closes on September 25. Hours are here and admission is free.
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Mackey Garages

1137 S. Cochran Ave., Los Angeles, CA