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Email from Sacramento Warns About AEG Stadium Exemption

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This email (after the jump) looks to be one of the things that kicked off that series of stories about developer AEG talking about asking for an exemption from an environmental review for its downtown football stadium. This is an email sent by Tina Andolina, Legislative Director at the Planning and Conservation League, a nonprofit in Sacramento, and one of those groups that have urged environments and individuals to sign off on the letter. After the jump, both the email from Andolina, and the attached statement sent (the letter, which asks for signatures, is still circulating today). Meanwhile, it's not even clear yet what AEG intends to do, and if they will ask for an exemption. So all this may be for nothing.

Email from Tina:

"Tina Andolina"

Date: 6/22/2010 11:35 AM

Subject: URGENT! CEQA Exemption - Need Sign ons

Hello all,

We are getting word that AEG (the owners of the Staples Center in LA) would like a CEQA exemption for a new NFL stadium in downtown LA. They are claiming that the competition (Majestic and the City of Industry ) got an exemption, so it is only fair they get one too.

I don’t have to tell you that this would be a disaster. But given the stadium bill last year, I have no doubt there will support for AEG. We must speak loudly right now to ensure the Legislature hears our opposition. AEG wants their exemption in the budget.

I’ve attached a very brief statement outlining our opposition to this proposal. WE NEED GROUPS TO SIGN ON TO THIS RIGHT AWAY!

For the CEQA bills earlier this year, we had a full page of logos which the caught the eye of many legislators. We must do even better this time.

Please get back to me right with authorization to add your group to this list. Please reach out to others to also get more groups. Time is of the essence.

Thanks all,



Tina Andolina, Legislative Director

Planning and Conservation League

1107 9th Street, Ste 360

Sacramento, CA 95814

And the letter that was sent, attached to the email:

No CEQA Exemption for a Football Stadium

In Downtown Los Angeles

AEG, owner of the Staples Center, wants a CEQA Exemption

for a new NFL Football Stadium in Downtown Los Angeles

Another CEQA Exemption to support speculation:

There is no team under contract!

* No Precedent! That’s what the Legislature said last year when it enacted a special law for a football stadium in the City of Industry. Yet AEG is pointing to that law to justify its request.

* No Exemption! The law passed last year did not give the City of Industry stadium an exemption. That project had been the subject of a full EIR and had committed to mitigation measures identified in the EIR.

* No Early Immunity! Last year the action on the City of Industry granted judicial immunity for the project, but not until the EIR was completed and three lawsuits were settled and one lawsuit could not be settled.

* No Need! The Staples Center itself was subject to a full EIR. There is no reason a new football stadium cannot manage the same process.

· Environmental groups brace for Downtown NFL stadium fight [LA Times]