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LAPD Busts KFC Pot Shop, Says They Kept Operating

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Arrest yesterday at famous Kentucky Fried Chicken turned pot dispensary
Kind for Cures in Palms promised they would keep operating, and it appears they kept their word. A reader passes along this photo, taken yesterday. "We had a warrant, we served them a warrant, and we had an arrest," says Captain Kevin F. McCarthy, Commanding Officer of LAPD's Gang and Narcotics Division. One person was arrested at the wing shop turned pot store for violating the marijuana dispensary ordinance, according to McCarthy, who said the property owners could also be hearing from the city (the owners could have their certificate of occupancy revoked). A message left for one of Kind for Cure's operators, Ms. Ivy Kush, wasn't immediately returned.

Not surprising, both the District Attorney's office and LAPD say numerous dispensaries are continuing to sell to customers, despite the ban.

"We had 600 dispensaries, 400 were supposed to close, and we have a lot complaints about properties still operating," says McCarthy. Indeed. We've recently heard how easy it is it to keep buying weed at Green Dot at 1711 Pacific Avenue in Venice. Green Dot is "on our list," says Frank Mateljan, spokesperson for the City Attorney's office, referencing dispensaries that have brought in complaints for still operating. But pot smokers, just wait out this bumpy period. If that marijuana legalization initiative passes this fall, it'll be far easier to get your hands on the stuff.
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