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Bang, Bang: Open Gun Ban in California Moves Forward

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Like guns? Then you may not like this. A bill that would ban the public display of unloaded guns passed through a Senate subcommittee today. Right now, California allows unloaded handguns to be carried in public (gun holders can carry ammunition separately). Those in support of the ban include many police groups, who argue it's a waste of their time when they have to respond to reports of gun holders, while those in opposition include a senator from Inglewood. Via Sign on San Diego: "Sen. Rod Wright, D-Inglewood, and a gun owner, defended the right to carry weapons in public as long as they are unloaded. Responding to complaints that the guns intimidate and make people uncomfortable, Wright said he has a tall friend with tattoos who intimidates and makes people uncomfortable. “Are we going to ban him next?” Wright asked as he voted against the bill." Perhaps we should! But doesn't sound like the ban might pass, according to Sign on San Diego. Meanwhile, the Daily Breeze is reporting that 'Open carry' activists will wear unloaded firearms at Hermosa Beach cleanup next month as a show of support of being able to carry guns. Pictured: Don't back that thing up, Red! People showing off their guns at the Open site
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