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LA's Red Light Ticket Company Happens Be Based in Arizona

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Last week, the Los Angeles Police Department opted to cancel a training trip in Arizona out of respect to the city's ban on the state, and this week, there's another issue: The Los Angeles Police Department's red light camera program--that controversial program that snares red light violators--is run by Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions, and the City Council is likely to approve an exception to the Arizona ban, according to the Los Angeles Times, a move that would temporarily extend the existing contract with the company. "Councilman Ed Reyes, whose district stretches from Koreatown to Lincoln Heights, has been an outspoken supporter of the boycott. But he said he would support the one-time exemption to temporarily continue the contract and prevent a sudden shutdown of the traffic enforcement program. "I would not jeopardize Angelenos," he said.

But he said he would press the city to examine alternatives to issuing a new, larger contract to an Arizona-based firm. One option, he said, could be to use the city's contracting power to lure existing vendors to the Los Angeles area. Or the city could help new local companies develop the capacity — and jobs — to provide photo enforcement equipment and services." The program has been controversial because of its cost, and its hefty fees for red-light violators. If you've gotten a red light ticket, which are also issued for rolling California stops, you've felt the burn.
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