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Golf Club-Adjacent Buff & Hensman in Pasadena

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One of the six homes featured in Pasadena Heritage's Buff & Hensman tour last spring is up for grabs. Built in 1957, the four-bedroom San Rafael Hills residence has been "artfully expanded and renovated under the guidance of Dennis Smith, a principal in the firm Buff and Hensman," according to its listing, and--bonus for golf nuts--overlooks the highly regarded Annandale Golf Club. It last changed hands in 2003 for $1.32 million; current list price is more than double that, $2.695 million.--Pauline O'Connor
· Buff & Hensman: The Art of Modernism [Pasadena Heritage]
· 420 Mooresque St, Pasadena, CA 91105 [Redfin]

420 Mooresque Street, pasadena