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Is Michael Bay Trying to Destroy Horizon at Playa Vista?

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Film set on left via JebusHChrist; Horizon at Playa Vista rendering at right via Horizon at Playa Vista.

Everyone (except Megan Fox) is pretty happy with Michael Bay right now for all the Transformers 3 filming he's doing around town instead of in New Mexico. Lately the production's been at the Howard Hughes Spruce Goose hangar in Playa Vista, and a spy reports on his flickr page:
Full scale model of an office building, flanked by two huge hydraulic jacks that lift one end 30 to 40 feet in the air. I guess they are going to have a scene with soldiers in there while it is destroyed and collapses. A moment after this shot, two stuntmen slid down the length of the office floor. Looked like they were wearing uniforms and had weapons...I'm pretty sure the exterior facade is an exact match of the nearby Horizons office complex (brand new but still vacant), where they will be filming some additional scenes. So I guess they will show that building collapsing." The LA Times reports that Transformers 3 will be shooting "throughout the L.A. area over the next several weeks, including Long Beach, West Hollywood, Century City and Malibu," so look out for Decepticons and terrible acting throughout June.
· Transformers3 Set - Tilting Office [flickr]