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Scenes from Meghan Daum's Book Party, Blvd 6200 Question

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HOLLYWOOD: Last night, Los Angeles Times columnist Meghan Daum held a book party at Boo Radley's Antiques on Melrose Avenue to celebrate the release of her new memoir, "Life Would Be Perfect If I Lived In That House." Does Daum have a lifelong obsession with real estate? Oh yes she does. And it's a funny book: The WSJ says Daum examines her neurosis in the book "almost as if she were a recovering abode-aholic." Lots of Times editors and reporters were present at the party-and even one of our favorite actors was there! Photos in the gallery. [Curbed Staff]

: A reader with a question about Hollywood development. "Hey Curbed, What's the deal with Clarett Group's 6200 Blvd? I heard they might be moving forward soon. What's the word with that one?" Indeed. What is the word? [Curbed Inbox]