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Nowhere to Hide in This Sunset Strip Mid-Century

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According to our tipster, "You can pretty much see this house from anywhere in WeHo," so keep your pants on, buyers. Bodrell Joer'dan Smith's Kay House was built in 1965 and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a den, and a studio guest house, and according to the listing it's "for sale for the first time ever and maintained in its original condition" (this is also a trust sale). Hey listing, how exposed is this house? It "features twin sky lit pavilions cantilevered from the hillside on a prominent and highly visible promontory in the hills just above the famed Sunset Strip." How about the views looking out? "Walls of glass, interior sliding doors and soaring ceilings maximize the roughly 280 degree views from the Pacific Ocean to the San Gabriel Mountains and all of the glorious city lights in between." Asking price? $1.999 million.
· 8615 FENNELL Pl [Redfin]

Kay House

8615 Fennell Pl., Los Angeles, CA