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Report Out on Fixing Up Downtown's Sad-Looking Hall of Justice

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Image of building via You are Here
The Downtown News reports that those busy bees at the Board of Supervisors have released a report that finds it'll now be cheaper than previously estimated to fix up the Hall of Justice on Temple Street. Rehabilitating the shuttered building, which was vacated after the 1994 earthquake, is expected to cost $216.4 million--cheaper than a 2004 estimate--and take three and a half years to finish. A final decision about moving forward on repairs will come by the end of the year, according to a deputy for Supervisor Michael Antonovich. Earlier reports indicated that County, bond funds and FEMA money would all be used to help pay for the expense. Meanwhile, the Downtown News also breaks the news that the building, now the color of dirty snow, actually "shines bright white" when cleaned. Old postcards.
· Justice Marches Forward [Downtown News]