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Great Santa Monica Taxi Crackdown Continues

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Santa Monica is still trying to crack down on the number of taxis circling around its downtown, reports The Santa Monica Daily Press. The move comes a year after the city first considered a licensing system to tackle an explosion of allegedly rude cabbies that were blocking Santa Monica's streets. This Tuesday, the city council will formally decide on slicing the number of registered cabs in the city from the current 463 to 250, as well as winnowing the amount of licensed taxi operators from 44 to eight at the most. The city wants to cut down on emissions and improve service--using criteria like litigation history and the use of low-emission vehicles, the council found five companies that they're recommending to keep around: Bell Cab Co., Independent Taxi Owners Association, Metro Cab Co., Taxi Taxi, and the Yellow Cab Co. Not surprisingly, most are pissed, saying the regulations will stymie business and limit their future growth. Another bone of contention: three of out of the five cab companies are based in LA, not Santa Monica (Taxi Taxi and Metro are based in SM). This has not been the best week to be a cab operator.
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